Vintage Postcard Reproductions for all occasions.

Each card is a high resolution copy of the original vintage Amanita Muscaria holiday cards from the early part of the 20th century. Stamped with ‘’ on the bottom of the postcard back, these cards are a great way to help spread the word.
Birthday, Easter, Valentines, Christmas and New Years.

Ancient Psychedelia : Alien Gods & Mushroom Goddesses

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The BOOK – Release Date March 2020 – Now Available!
Tracing the ancient history of psychedelics in worldwide culture dating back to pre-Patriarchal times, through symbolism on ancient artifacts, coins, temple sites, seals and art. Explores the relationship between shamanistic societies, goddess worship, sacrificial rituals, entheogen consumption, mythological deities, alchemy tradition, fairy tales and UFOs.

Ancient Psychedelia : Alien Gods & Mushroom Goddesses

The DVD – Expected Release Date
March 2020

10 Hour Video presentation.
A 1 1/2-2 Hour FREE version will be released to the public.

Stickers and Postcards Coming Soon

      Assorted Stickers and Postcards